The Sweetness of Nothing

It’s really not easy to do nothing these days.  Have you noticed?  

Over the last week, I’ve been making an effort to notice when I’m reaching for my smartphone instead of staying in the moment.  That’s just one aspect of the busy-ness craze that seems to be sweeping our western culture, but it’s huge.

I can’t help but wonder, when did we become so scared of the here and now?  Why would we rather check our FB and IG streams for the umpteenth time in the space of thirty  minutes than just be?  And I am so guilty of doing this, but I’m working on it.  Here’s what I discovered:

 I also felt the breeze lift my hair.  I heard the robins singing and crows cackling about their daily business.  I took in a concert.  I watched the sun through the leaves of the trees. 

I experienced the life that was happening all around me.  I drank it in.  It was glorious!

This is what we cut ourselves off from when we live life on autopilot.  And these moments are truly beautiful, so it’s a shame to waste them in search of the next “like” on our feed.  It seems that we’re forget that our devices are just that, they’re tools.  Not a lifestyle.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my smartphone, I market my styling and design on IG, and it’s great to keep up with family and friends all around the world thanks to FB – though I really don’t care if your post says something like “I just brushed my hair, and now I’m eating chips,” I will scroll right on by.

It seems to me that the fascination with being busy is counterintuitive to our lives.  Why spend five bucks for a fancy coffee if you’re not even going to take the time to savour at least the first sip?  Why work your guts out in order to afford the fancy vacay if you’re going to be spending the whole time posting photos to FB?  Remember the old days when you had to take your photo album with you to annoy the people who weren’t on the trip?  That took planning!  And do you ever look back over those posted photos without FB putting together a slideshow for you?  I know I got a few surprises when one of the automated mashups turned up on my feed a few weeks back.  These are memories, people.

The thing is, there is a whole gorgeous, glorious world out there just waiting for us to acknowledge it.  The phenomenal beauty of this world just fills my heart to bursting.  It’s just that we’re a little off kilter, focusing more on the doing than just being.  The good news is that it’s a choice.  If you feel that you might like to stop for five, ten, fifteen minutes and just be, you can do it.  If you feel like you need permission, I’ll give it to you.  The world will not grind to a halt while you close your eyes and breathe for five minutes.  Or watch the birds… brew a cuppa and savour each sip… curl up with your love by a roaring fire and just watch the flames dance…

The world won’t end, but you might find yourself smiling a little brighter, laughing a little more, maybe even feeling a little more relaxed.  It is not selfish to take time for yourself, it is an act of utter self-love, and it will infuse good into your life. 

Believe me, frantic and frazzled serves no one.



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