Moments of Pleasure

It ha​​s been a really lovely week.  Of course. the long weekend really ices the cupcake.  I find it delightful to know that I do not have to wake up at four tomorrow morning to head to the office!

The thing about exploring hedonism is that you really have to get into bed with pleasure.  Yes, I phrased it that way, put your eyebrows back and read on. 

Waking up to pleasure (I could go all night with this) means being present and aware.  It’s closing your eyes as you sip your coffee, fresh pressed, with cream… mmmmm, perfect!  Oddly enough, although I do enjoy my fancy coffees, there really is nothing quite like the simple pleasure of that French Pressed brew.  

So, I’ve covered my feelings around eliminating distractions and keeping things in perspective.  I want to take this blog in its proper direction now.  My aim is to delve into my adventures in hedonism and hygge. 

Can you have adventures in hygge?  Well, I certainly intend to find out!  

I feel very strongly about the importance of creating beauty in every day life.  I think that beautiful surroundings and the lovely touches that add style and grace to daily life are crucial.  There is something soul satisfying about coming into a space that feels warm and welcoming.  Being surrounded by things that make me smile, make me feel good, that contributes to my overall wellbeing.  I know, big newsflash, right?  But I’m wildly passionate about the importance of style and beauty to our daily lives.  I’ve only just discovered this passion, even though I trained in interior design!  I’m only just beginning to understand the bigger picture.

Living with pleasure is all about showing up to create pleasure.  Food, clothes, design, work, it all matters.  I get to choose how I feel about all these different things, too, and some things do need to change.  My house is definitely not an example of design and elegance – there are too many different things happening here right now.  I realize that pleasure is in paying attention to the details, and I admit, I have been ignoring those details.  Well, some of them.  I said I get to choose how I feel, well I also get to choose what I do.  Sometimes I choose the less proactive or even satisfying options, but hey, I am learning.  

At the end of the day, the most important thing I can do is to show up and create pleasure.  The details of the house can be worked on.  I already made a start on my wardrobe – I donated so many pieces to charity because I did not love them, it takes my breath away to see how empty my closet is!- and I am loving the challenge of putting together great outfits with way less.  I created my Dreamy Buttermilk Biscuit recipe today, and I am very pleased with my results.  These are the details that I can build my life on, what matters is that I not wait.

After all, when would NOW be the right time to start?






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