Wild Soul Food

When I started out at the beginning of 2017, I knew only that I needed to do things differently because I wanted to create something different for my life.  I’m telling you here and now, if you want something done, get up and do it.  Nothing happens without a little shove. 

In my heart, I craved a life that fed my soul.  Not just an existence, but an experience.  Or rather, a plethora of experiences to draw from and create my own wild life.  This is where things got a little personal, because in order to figure out what calls out my own wild soul, I had to dig a whole lot deeper than TV and coffee drinks. 

It’s about pleasure, it’s about opening up to all the flavours and colours of the world around you and learning to see and appreciate what truly adds value to your life.  When you find what feeds your soul, it’s like finding a piece of yourself.  Something that just fits because it does, and you don’t owe any explanations about that to anyone. 

One of the most beautiful and interesting things about this big lovely world of ours is that we’re all different.  I take my coffee with cream, my sister prefers milky tea.  I remember this great line from the movie (and hopefully the book, too, but it’s been a while and my memory isn’t that good) ‘Harriet the Spy,’ when Harriet’s nanny tells her young charge that “There are as many different ways to live as there are people in this world.”  Wisdom. 

So…What have I discovered so far?  Well, don’t take this the wrong way, but I kind of enjoy a couple of barbaric pastimes: Axe throwing and archery.

Don’t worry, I’m just having fun.

I’ve also begun to really wake up to my own personal style, like lace and axes.  I’ve mentioned before that my wardrobe is pretty small, so in an upcoming post I’ll work up something about what I wear and how I make it all work to last a week. 

I’m also really getting into putting up an attractive plate.  They do say your first taste of your meal is with your eyes.  Here’s a little taste of a simple Sunday supper for my family:


But most importantly, I’ve been taking more and more time to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air.  I love to see the natural world as it goes about its business.  The qualities of light throughout the day, the scent of the air, the birdcalls, it all feeds me on a very soul satisfying level. 

Just like reading an amazing book or even just a quote that resonates with you.  That’s how you begin to find your own soul food, it’s by exploring the things that your wild soul responds to.  When you trust that, begin to listen to and feed it, that’s when you allow something larger than yourself to take root.  It’s also what becomes your personal guidance system, because the more often to lean into it and answer what calls to you, the more often you find yourself pulled towards what you truly desire.  Life’s magic like that. 

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