Supremely Satisfying Self Care

Last Sunday I was out doing this:  600_464731452 My team and I walked 10K for Terry Fox. 

Today I’m doing this: 


It’s all about balance.  And this weekend I need to just lay low and snuggle between two dogs. 

I’m not sick or anything, just indulging in a Bed Day.  Sometimes we all need to step out of the daily bustle and take care of ourselves.  The thing is, we rarely do it.  I can’t help but wonder, what if we flipped the modern notion of productivity on its head and instead made more of a point of taking care of ourselves?  What if we prioritized getting enough sleep, enough exercise, and enough good food?  Would we be prettier?  Our jokes funnier?  Would life feel better?  I would say absolutely to that last one.  I’m certainly willing to give it a shot, are you? 

Think on this:  Science aside, you just want to enjoy your life and get the best out of the living of it.  Am I right?  At the same time, you probably devote long hours to doing everything under the sun to earn your gold star, feel wiped out, and drop into bed to stare at the ceiling until the alarm rouses you for another day of the same.  If you thrive on that, good on you, but please take time to take care of yourself anyway. 

As for me, I know that if I push too hard for too long, my body will put me down and force me to rest.  So I’m trying out this revolutionary notion that taking care of myself needs to be my top priority.  Now, some people -me included- will think, “Ooh, that sounds a little self-serving.”  You see, we have this idea that if we’re not running ourselves 24/7, if we so much as stop to catch our breath, then we’re not accomplishing enough.  Well, that’s 100%, Grade A, B.S.  It’s a mindset that needs to be changed.  Right now, most of us push the pendulum so far to one extreme, that when it finally forces us to swing back the other way, it requires major and immediate changes because our lives depend on it.  Scary.  There is good news, though.  I can start right now to live my life differently, and so can you. 

In my IG feed below, there’s a photo of the pecan pie I baked for dessert last night.  I could have just dumped the filling into the crust and popped the whole shebang into the oven, job done.  It would have taken less time, and it still would have been entirely edible, but I decided to linger over my creation and make it something just a little bit more special.  Why?  Because taking those few extra minutes to cut out the maple leaves and apply them around the edge, to line up that row of pecans just inside the crust, it says, “I love you, enjoy.”  To myself, and to the other people who got to enjoy it.  More than that, though, I actually really enjoyed making a prettier presentation. For me, it was like meditation, and break from emails and phone messages and checking the latest and greatest on social media.  That pie was a love note, a play date, and a coffee break just for me.  And it brought other people joy, too.  You see?  I took care of myself first, and by doing so, my loving cup ran over.  You have to start with yourself.  If you dull your own sparkle, no one else can enjoy it either.   And this applies to everything, from the way you dress, decorate, and entertain, to the office, the gym, and anywhere else you go on your daily round.  It’s about how you show up.  You can’t put your best self out into the world if you’re not giving your best love and care to yourself first. 

Now, I am brimming with ideas for how I want to shift the tone of this blog in the coming months.  I’m going to put my ideas where my mouth is and really let you in as I begin to live these principles I’m espousing.  It’s exciting and a little scary for me, but I hope I can share something relevant and inspiring with you.  For now, though, I’m off to snuggle with my dogs!


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