Everybody Loves Presents…

…And I am a gift-giving ninja.  But sometimes I want a pressie, too. 

Hello Lovelies!

Now I have to admit, these subscription boxes have puzzled me.  I try not to take on extra stuff, because I’ve got a UK Excursion in the works!  In fact, I’m looking at spending at least a year in the United Kingdom.   It’s very early on yet, but it’s something that tickles my heart. 

Which is probably why the Quaintly & Co box so captured my attention. 


No coincidence that it was the Highlands themed box that turned my head either, I have got a serious thing for men in kilts.  Seriously, how cute is this stuff?  I was so excited when it arrived that I opened it the mintue I got into the house, there were confetti hearts all over the dining room floor! 

So here’s the thing:  We all need a little gift just for us from time to time.  Indeed, we deserve it!  What I discovered through ordering this box, is how much fun it is to have someone picking out a particular set of gifts just for me.  The excitement and the wondering is just… magical.  Have I mentioned that I’m wild about Christmas?  More on that later, in fact, I’ll also put together a little list of gift ideas for the gifting challenged. 

Whether you sign up for a subscription box, treat yourself to a piece of jewelry, or take yourself out for a nice dinner, you deserve to shower yourself with love and kindness.  Be your own Valentine, your own Secret Santa.  Hell, be your own Secret Admirer! 

Life is way too short not to love yourself.        

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