Hygge Break!

Hello Lovelies! 

So last weekend, I got to do a little photoshoot.  Boy was that ever fun!  I’m auditioning to become an ambassador for an Alberta based clothing and camping outfitter, we’ll see how that goes, but fingers crossed.  But here’s the beautiful little acorn in all this:  Looking over my photos I can see that they radiate hygge.  Outdoors, no less.  Because hygge can be created absolutely anywhere!


Isn’t that lovely?  My little hygge break.    All it took was a lovely spot, some lovely tea, and a lovely bit of decadence.  Now… how’s that for  a simple recipe?  Where else can I create a little drop of hygge in my daily round?  Hedonism, too, by the way, it fits right in there.  How about those lovely little string lights?  I’ve got them everywhere – hygge!  Candles?  Love them!  Good food?  Oh yes please!  Fresh sheets on the bed?  Absolute bliss!  Meeting up with friends for a hike or to watch the game over drinks?  Sign me up!  As you can see from my slight overuse of exclamation points… I LOVE this stuff!  Oh, there’s another one. 

So what inspires you?  Where can you create some pleasure today?  Remember, hygge is really simple.  All you need to do is feel cozy, so what does that for you?  Figure that out, and then do it a lot more often.  You’ll love it, I promise.  And I cannot emphasize enough how much the people dear to you will love the happier you!  Last one, I promise.

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