Hygge, Winter, and the Sneezles


Hello Lovelies! 

As you can probably guess, I’ve had a bit of a cold this past week.  It got me to thinking -when I wasn’t blowing my nose- that hygge isn’t only for making the winter feel cozier, it’s also a terrific antidote to those times when winter bugs creep into your home.  Of course, rest, vitamin C, and time are really the only cures for the common cold, but a dose of hygge can make the time feel just a little more liveable. 

So be prepared:  Whether you seem to catch every bug going or have an iron constitution, a few cozy and comforting touches are great to have on hand.  Make up a batch of your favourite chicken noodle or tomato soup, my go-to’s.  Enjoy some now, but freeze the rest in containers, just in case.  You might not get sick, but how about those days when you’re just sick of winter?  (If you live somewhere that isn’t buried in snow for six months a year, you might not realize it, but it gets old!)  Take the time to stock up on tissues that don’t make your nose cry, comfort foods, and maybe some enjoyable winter time reading. 

Also, consider adding honey, lemons, and a little whisky to your shopping list.  When I’m down with a sore throat, my go-to drink is hot water, honey, and lemon.  The honey is super anti-bacterial and soothing for a sore throat, and the lemon helps settle an upset stomach, plus it gives you a little extra splash of vitamin C.  I also like to add some ginger -another tummy tamer, and a sprinkle or two of cinnamon, just to give it a little lift.  And believe it or not, a hot toddy really is a great, natural alternative to your store bought cough syrups.  Basically, it’s the same drink, except the ginger and cinnamon are out (at least, I’ve never tried adding them to a toddy, it might work) and you add about an ounce of whisky and a tea bag to the mixture.  It’ll make you drowsy and help dry up your dripping nose for a few hours.  I use both natural and conventional methods to get me through, usually the best systems are diversified, and I find that to be very much the case. 

So, good luck, and be as happy and healthy as possible this winter!

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