Lazy Sunday?

Hello Lovelies! 

I’m a little bit behind my time today, so thanks for being patient.  In my defence, I was working on a little something to share with you all.  But first, I have a couple of announcements: 

1. This morning I finished the first draft of my upcoming cozy mystery, ‘The Moose, the Murder, and the Single Malt’!  Thanks, NaNoWriMo!  After I’ve made the necessary edits and revisions, the book will be coming out in 2018.  So watch this space, because I will be keeping you posted. 

2.  My sister and I are doing a tour of the UK next spring!  She’s busy, busy, busy, plotting and planning our trip, hunting down the best deals she can find like a tigress.  Not to mention finding all kinds of fun things for us to do. 

Since most of November has been devoted to getting my book written, I’m only just getting things turned over for Christmas.  My mantelpiece still looks like this:


If I could lay hands on a Jack Skellington figure, I could call it ready for Christmas.  However, I’ve got other ideas.  Next week I’ll show you the transformation. 

So, what did I cook up today?

I fixed up this wreath!  It’s super simple, all you need is:

a grapevine or other wreath form of your choice

a little greenery or bling

a string of LED lights (I like the simple ones that are just bendy wire and tiny lights)

a spool of ribbon

some crafting wire

and a few ornaments in assorted sizes that work with your colour scheme 

Oh, and a pair of scissors, wire snips and fine needle-nose pliers


1) Wire your battery pack to the wreath where it’s out of sight from the front, but accessible.  Make sure you can open it.  Weave your string lights through your wreath.  Swear a little, because it’s awkward and the grapevine snags on everything.  If you’re looking at this step and thinking, “Why not just wrap the lights around the wreath?”  By all means do, I just wove them through because I like the lit from within appearance that it gave my wreath. 

2) Attach the other greenery.  I used a 5 foot length of garland which I attached to the front of my wreath with the crafting wire.  It worked out great.  And just so you know, if you fiddle with it a bit, you can get the greenery to face the right way pretty easily. 

3) Attach your ribbon to the top of your wreath for hanging.  When I saw how pretty the ribbon I chose looked with the wreath and the greenery, I decided to wrap it around my wreath as well.  I rather like the effect, but it’s not a must. 

4)  Start attaching your ornaments.  Decide what pleases your eye, and then use your crafting wire to tie them to your wreath.  Make sure it’s all super secure if you’re planning to hang this baby on your front door.  You didn’t put in all that effort just to have it fall apart if someone slams the door!  Oh, and I didn’t use all of the baubles I had, use your discretion, and make it pretty the way you like it.  I’ll either hang the leftover ornaments on my tree, tuck them into glass candle holders, or possibly attach them to presents when I’m wrapping gifts.

5)  Hang up your wreath and enjoy the compliments. 

6)  Now go toast your creative genius with a little Baileys over ice. 


November has been wildly busy for me, but I’m super chuffed with everything I’ve accomplished.  I’m also feeling pretty much like this:


So I’m going to sign off for this week.  See you in December!


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