December Magic

Hello Lovelies! 

As promised, here’s a little taste of my mantel, now looking more Christmas stocking ready:


I come to you today feeling just a little harried, my to do list seems to keep growing every time I manage to cross something off of it.  Christmas, eh?  But you know what?  I refuse to lose the magic of this month to the minutiae of getting stuff done.  I love Christmas, it’s always been one of my favourite holidays.  The romance, the pretty lights, the heart-tuggingly gooey movies, and yes, the presents.  Why shouldn’t I enjoy being thought of and treated well?  We all deserve it.  

Nevertheless, December can be a marathon for some of us.  Here’s the thing, people can expect whatever they want, but there is no earthly reason why we have to live up to those expectations.  If the thought of hosting the big dinner and dealing with swags of Christmas ornaments gets your tinsel in a tangle, that is perfectly okay my friend.  Do it your way.  Even if that means take-out by candlelight.  It’s your Christmas, make it your kind of magical.  I bet there are people reading this going, “Oh, you don’t know my family, I cold never get away with that.”  Fair enough, sometimes tradition matters more, but do try to infuse your kind of magic whenever and wherever you can.  Even if it’s spiking a little eggnog, I won’t tell. 

December Magic is all around us right now, and I really want you to go out and find some of it.  Don’t miss the “pretty good memory” here and now because you’re trying to create the “picture perfect memories” for the 25th!  Here are a few suggestions:

December Magic

Go for a drive with your favourite people -or solo, if you need a break- and sing Christmas carols in the car 

Take in a Christmas movie, or twelve 

Go for a drive to look at the Christmas lights around town 


Have a snowball fight (have you seen the fake snowballs?  They’re fab!) 

Go sledding 

Write a letter to Santa 

Be someone’s Secret Santa 

Find a skating rink, skate until your nose is rosy, then sip some apple cider by the fire and munch on the popcorn you’re supposed to be turning into a garland  (One of my most cherished Christmas memories is sipping apple cider by the fire at the home of some friends of my parents.  The tree was so pretty, all red and green, all the adults were chatting and laughing, and I remember just feeling so safe and cozy and contented.  Pure magic!)

Curl up and read a good book while the snow falls outside 

Make snow-angels 

Watch the aurora borealis 

Bake cookies and deliver them to your neighbours 

Have a baking party with your favourite friends, bake up a storm, then share the goodies around

Take in a winter festival or two, I went to Luminaria on Friday, it was so pretty!  I wished upon a star, Christmas Magic for everyone!


The point is, this season isn’t about the perfect decorations, gifts, or even ugly sweaters.  It’s about love, and that is the most powerful magic there is.  Start with love, and you’re making your corner of the world the most beautiful, magical place.  Start with loving yourself, and you become the most magical person to be around, just watch how your life transforms. 

Let’s make a little pinky-swear, I’ll love me, and you love you, too, okay?  We can do this, we’re magical people!

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