Here Comes 2018


Hello Lovelies! 

So, what are you excited for in 2018? 

I’m talking dusting off those impossible dreams and figuring out how to make them reality.  Let’s rock this new year thing. 

Here’s some of what I’m stoked about: 

My book will be out next year 

There’s my UK trip in the works 

I’m focusing on a new job 

But here’s the thing: what other dreams are due for dusting off?  What else do I desire to cultivate in the coming year?  I’ve heard it said that the full moon is the time to reconsider impossible dreams… I like that.  

So I’m musing about what I’ve been putting off because I’ve been too chicken to take the risk.  Things like moving to the UK, just to be somewhere different and figure things out on my own.  I’ve been kicking that idea around for a decade, and it just won’t leave me alone. 

With everyone resolving to loose ten pounds or quit smoking, why not actually set some goals that truly excite you?  Dream big, and then go for it!  I can tell you that if you want to write a book, you can turn one out in just one month if you commit to 2000 words a day.  It is hard work, but if it’s something that you just can’t go a day without thinking about, you’ll never regret taking the plunge.  So take those tango lessons, start that band, launch your own cooking channel.  Just follow your curiosity, and see what kind of doors open up for you.  Magic happens when you start tap-dancing your way beyond your comfort zone.

So, kiss the old year out, and kiss the new year in.  See you in 2018!


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