Smile, it’s Flowers!


Hello Lovelies! 

I love a colourful bouquet, don’t you?  And mysteries… beeswax candles… puppy cuddles… thunderstorms… starry skies… moon gazing… fires crackling away in the fireplace… cuddly mittens, socks, and toques… coffee, tea, wine… great food… laughing… dancing… watching the snow fall… ooh! cheese!… and chocolate, too!  All these things are very simple pleasures, but they’re the bread and butter of everyday joy. 

Right now, my life is feeling pretty topsy-turvy.  I’m coming to grips with needing to let go of a few of my own ghosts.  Or at least packing up a few old dreams and storing them away in the attic.  It hurts, when you realize that what you envisioned isn’t necessarily what’s going to happen for you.  But sometimes wrong is wrong, or maybe, it just needs rest and darkness before it blossoms forth as an inspired idea at a later time.  How do you pick the difference?  I’m still figuring that out, Sweet Pea.  Instinct and intuition, and learning to trust my heart.  I’ll tell you what, though, I can’t help but wonder what I’m making room for?  It excites me that by letting some things go, I’m clearing space for something new -and hopefully right, better, magical.  You see, change and transition is normal, it means that life is progressing.  Not to say that it isn’t tough at times, but it’s a natural part of living a real life.  Others have gone through it before us, and they’ve built something wonderful out of the hardest points in their journeys.  The path is lit by these trailblazers, and they’re ready to welcome you to the head table.  It’s time for me -and maybe you, too?- to take charge of our lives and cultivate something real, and satisfying.  We just have to be brave enough to let go, and trust ourselves to be able to figure things out.  I have faith in us. 

So let’s toast the endings.  Let’s make room and allow new dreams the space to grow.  Let’s pick a curiosity to follow and see what happens.  We’ll honour the things that bring us real pleasure and keep them close, then build a life that supports those beautiful moments of joy.  I’m done with being bogged down by what may have been.  It’s time I got to grips with what is, and build from there.  How about you?

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