The Pleasures of Puttering

Hello Lovelies! 

It’s the Family Day Weekend here in Alberta, which means Monday is a holiday.  There’s something about long weekends that just seem to make it easier to get a few minor tasks off the old “to do” list.  That said, I’m not about to blow my whole weekend in the pursuit of gold stars for getting my chores done!  I propose a gentler approach, where I just hit the highlights, and maybe something more evolves from there.  For instance, on Thursday evening I took a fancy to make use of the candle making kit I received.

Yes, I used a washed out tin inside a saucepan of simmering water as a makeshift double-boiler to melt the wax!  Now I’ve got a lovely, lavender scented birthday gift for someone. 

After connecting with some friends for coffee yesterday morning, I decided on a whim to reorganize my closet.  Now all my scarves -turns out, I have quite a collection!- are organized in a drawer so that I can see them.  I had been hanging them over a multi-tiered hanger, and for some reason they never found their way back onto it at the end of the day.  I would simply keep wearing one until I grew bored with it and went digging through my closet for another.  This way, I can pick out a different one every morning, and then return it to the back of the drawer at the end of the day.  Just like that, I get to wear more of my scarves!

Spring Cleaning 2

I also managed to get everything that I regularly wear hung up in my closet.  To be honest, I haven’t quite wrapped my mind around hanging up my jeans, but I did find that having all of my options hanging in the one space felt very streamlined when I went to pick out my outfit for today.  I’m willing to give it a shot.  My goal is to wear all of my wardrobe, not just the habitual 20%.  PS: If you look close, you’ll see a bit of purple ribbon tied to the rail.  That’s how I track what I’ve worn already that week.  I’m gradually breaking those habit grooves!

Spring Cleaning1

By the way, these three projects took all of maybe two hours collectively, and that was mostly waiting on the wax!  That leaves plenty of my weekend free to do other things, like go see “Early Man” this afternoon.  (I’ve discovered that I rather like taking in a movie at the theatre.)  Last week I went to see “Peter Rabbit,” mostly because I grew up on Beatrix Potter.  I loved it, and I laughed so hard.  It was a very sweet movie. 

Often times, we look at a project as though it has to be all or nothing.  Either we get it all done in one sitting, or it just isn’t going to happen.  That’s a heck of a lot of pressure to put on ourselves.  Believe me, I still have a lot of reorganizing to do in my closet, but I’m done with it for now.  Choose progress rather than perfection.  Start with a little puttering about the house, and see what it inspires you to do.  Or do as I did yesterday, and swing by the lingerie store for a new set, because that’s what inspired me to revisit my own system!  The smallest things can lead you in pretty terrific directions, just start.   


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