Rituals of Pleasure

Hello Lovelies! 

I have a couple of questions to ask you:  How much pleasure do you weave into your days?  How much love are you showering over your life?  It matters, loves, believe me.  Don’t put it off until everything is just so.  Go out there and find what you love.  Or stay in and rediscover loves that you’ve been too busy to appreciate.  Open your hearts and get excited for living your lives now, today!  Maybe you don’t have the job, or the house, or the guy/gal/friendships or whatever it is that you’re desiring right now.  That’s okay, it means you’re still growing.  You see, focusing on what isn’t here yet, what we see as not being ideal, that robs us of joy, of peace, of gratitude, and it disempowers us from doing things that would actually deepen and sweeten our lives every day. 

Now, I know this is a lot to think about.  “Angela,” you’re saying, “I thought you were here to talk about candles and chocolate.”  Well, loves, I’m about to.  Because one of the easiest ways to create a life filled with love, is by doing things we love.  Make yourself a little list, and keep it handy so you can inspire yourself every day.  Build a playlist of your favourite songs that make you feel _____________ (happy, sexy, relaxed, empowered etc.)  Whatever you need to feel on the daily.  Sign up for a painting class, or pottery, or cookery, whatever tickles your fancy.  Stop wishing, start doing!  

Okay, onto the good stuff!  

The easiest way to add a little more love to your daily round is to prioritize it.  And then you have to take the time for it, loves, you have to do the work.  Fortunately, this is pretty fun work, more playful.  A creative muse I’ve followed over the years would call it “plurk.”  Choose something simple to start with, and make it a joyful ritual.  It could be setting the table for dinner each evening, or maybe splurging a little on your skincare essentials to pamper yourself before bedtime, or even just blocking out thirty minutes in the morning to complete a beautiful tea ritual, from pouring fresh water into the kettle, to warming a pretty pot, to sipping and savouring from your favourite cup.  Once you’ve started exploring ways of loving the life you’re living right now, you’ll spark your excitement to go out a discover other passions.  Plus, you’ll be sparkling and happy, which automatically makes you want to keep up your momentum, and as a bonus, you’ll be the most interesting and attractive person in the room! 

I’m still diving into this delicious and juicy approach to my own life, so you know I’m right there with you, figuring out how to live my best life.  I believe it’s a worthwhile practice, and I’m so excited for the opportunity each new day brings to weave love and pleasure into my life as it is today.  And so that you know, as it is today is not my ideal vision.  I desire to build a business of my own, to move (actually commit and move!) to the UK, and my primary goal right now is getting my first book on the shelves and available for people to read.  Not to mention cultivating a healthier body and lifestyle, and oh yeah, putting lots more money in the bank!  So yeah, I’ve got work ahead of me, too.  Let’s share this journey, and let’s make it amazing!  The world needs more happy people in it, don’t you agree?

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