Weekend Plans

Hello Lovelies! 

It’s been a busy weekend chez moi.  Busy, but thoroughly enjoyed.  Thankfully, Sunday gives me a chance to rest and relax.  

Candlelit Breakfast

This morning, my Mom, sister and myself enjoyed a breakfast of bacon, scrambled egg, and tomatoes on buttery croissants.  It was delicious, eaten in our sunny dining room, with fresh flowers and candlelight.

Candlelit Breakfast

I do love beeswax candles.  They smell so sweet and are apparently really good at cleaning the air -but I like them for the warming glow!  Tell you what, candles at breakfast are always a good idea.  Now, during the week, I tend to eat breakfast at my desk -boo- which means no candles.  So, all the more reason to go luxe at the weekends!  

Paris Dreaming  

Yesterday, I made my debut in a burlesque performance.   There’s something fabulously Parisian about being body confident and owning what the good Lord gave you.  I highly encourage it. 

Plus I only just picked up my copy of ‘A Paris Year,’ by Janice MacLeod.  Every time I read her books, it just inspires me to up sticks and have a new adventure.  Like jumping up onstage to perform a little number with my new fab sisters.  In fact, my whole day was quite decadent.  Coffee with good friends in the morning, a lovely massage, a dinner party, and then a really good show.  

There is Always Time  

I have been a chronic “not enough time” girl.  Only just recently have I begun to see that rushing and racing isn’t making me any happier, healthier, or even richer.  Only recently have I begun to understand that the important things demand doing now.  There is no reason to save the candles for a special occasion, to leave the good china in the cupboard, or save your favourite meal only for your birthday.  Don’t make the same mistake!  Enjoy as many minutes as you can make, because you -and me, too- deserve them all!  

PS: I Wrote a Book 

Being a fan of things cozy, I love a cozy mystery.  So I’ve written one!  I’m currently editing it up and getting it ready to publish.  “The Moose, the Murder, and the Single Malt” will be out in time for your summer reading list, and I am so excited to share it with you!  Keep an eye out, because I’ll be sharing more about the book and more cozy goodness in the weeks to come.

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