The Fun of Trying Recipes

Hello Lovelies! 

Probably the finest Chocolate Cupcakes

For my St. Patrick’s Day celebration, I decided to try out a recipe for Chocolate Guinness Cupcakes with Bailey’s Cream Cheese Frosting that I found over on Homemade Hooplah.  They whipped up really quickly, which is nice, plus I subbed Irish Cream flavoured coffee creamer for the alcohol version used in the recipe.  Once frosted, I also added a little edible lustre dust in a lovely green, just to keep the St. Patrick’s Day theme going.

The Trials of Blogging 

It’s jolly hard work testing out these recipes, let me tell you.  Sometimes a girl just has to drain the leftovers out of a bottle of beautiful Guinness -I just couldn’t let it go flat!  That would have been so ungrateful.



Seems like we’re in a reflective frame of mind today, lots of folk music and old stamping grounds -most not even our own- being discussed today.  Did you know my dad once trod the boards?  When he was a young man in Northern Ireland he enjoyed his time on the stage.  More recently, he clowned around for a while with the Shriners.  Perhaps I get my confidence from him, I’ve never felt shy about getting up on stage. 

Anyway, with the snow falling yet again, it feels like a good day to stick close to home and settle into hygge.  Next week, the weather is supposed to turn again and take us back towards spring, so I’m planning to spend time today enjoying this last (I hope) blast of heavy wet snow.  I’ve got a good book to read, more tea than you can shake a stick at, and two cuddly dogs to keep me warm.  Or maybe I’ll snuggle up under a blanket and marathon my way through a series on Netflix.  Either way, I’m going to have a lovely day.  

Decide it, then Make it Happen 

Regardless of whether you’re currently being buried in snow, or gazing out at green grass and blue skies, I highly encourage you to choose to take a break today.  It’s Sunday, for goodness sake, just take a day off!  If you’re working today, then block out time this evening, or sometime in the next few days, and plan an evening or an afternoon of hygge.  Bonus points if you can plan a whole day’s worth.  More importantly, once you plan it, make it non-negotiable and do this thing for yourself.  You’ll feel better, your smile will be even prettier, and your jokes will be funnier.  The world will not fall apart just because you took a break, I promise.  


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