Start Where You Are

Hello Lovelies!  I have a little story to tell you… 

Once Upon a Time… 

…there was a lovely girl who got a little lost.  She veered off an easy path, digging deeper and deeper into thickets of brambles.  How could that be wrong?  Life is meant to be worked at, carved out, and slaved over, right?  Ten years went by, and the lovely girl grew into a battle-tested woman.  She grew wearier and wearier, and had little to show for her stubborn insistence apart from her work ethic, a decade of brambles she’d shoved her way through,  and the strength to keep pushing beyond reason.   Deep in her heart, she knew she had been smarter once; happier, more relaxed, and in possession of a healthier perspective.  

One day, as she was fighting her way into yet another thicket of thorns, it dawned on our lovely woman that stubborn pursuit and force hadn’t gotten her where she wanted to be.  In fact, she just kept repeating the same pattern over and over again, thicket after thicket, like her own personal version of the movie ‘Groundhog Day.’  

“Well,” she said to herself, “that certainly isn’t working.”  So our lovely woman scrabbled her way back out of the latest thicket of brambles and took a real look at where she was.  

Not so Bad 

Our lovely woman could see that she wasn’t where she wanted to be.  She also knew that for all that she had been a bright and clever girl once, to try to get back to that starting point would mean wasting even more of her precious time.  Besides that, those earlier brambles had regrown thicker and more thorny since she’d forced her way through them, and oh, she was so tired of that! 

So she took a deep breath, and our lovely woman decided to accept where she was.  It wasn’t a bad place.  She was safe and cozy at least, which she quickly realized were two of her top criteria for good places to be.  She was in a place where she could make a fresh start, and our lovely woman couldn’t ask for better than that.

Different Decisions

Our lovely woman quickly realized that if she truly wanted to change her stars, then she had to change her choices.  Or rather, take charge of her choices.  She could surely choose to dive into another thicket of brambles and keep clawing and scrabbling to make more distance, or, she could rest for a while and make this the place where a new chapter began. 

Looking around, our lovely woman noticed the stars twinkling high above her, she felt the cool earth thrum beneath her feet.  She could hear a gurgling river not too far away.  And the thorny thicket turned out to be a blackberry bush filled with ripe, sweet, juicy berries.  It didn’t take her very long to make up her mind!  In that moment, our lovely woman decided to relax and enjoy this place for however long she was here. 

And that was when a deeper knowing inside of her shone through and our lovely woman realized that by making that one small but different decision, she had unlocked a new strength of conviction that now she could and would get exactly where she most longed to go.  When the time was right (and she knew that it would be) she would know when and what move to make.

Start Where You Are 

Perhaps our lovely woman’s story resonates with you?  If so, I hope you’ll take a breath and follow her wise example (if you haven’t already begun) and decide to accept where you are for the time being.  It might not be your dream, but it is a place to start.  The thing is -and this is something that I’ve only just begun to grasp, too- what you resist, persists.  What you resist, persists.  Take a moment and let that percolate. 

Rather than looking around your house and zeroing in on everything you don’t like, create a vignette or a moment that you do.  It is up to each of us to make the choice to see either the less than awesome about our ______________ [homes/partners/jobs/bodies/ fill in the blank] which tends to put us into a state of fighting and railing against those things.  OR we can choose to relax and enjoy ourselves where we are, no matter what.  It’s a choice we have the ability to make each and every day.

You see, what I soon discovered after I quit trying to fight my way through yet another bramble, was that the things I valued were already at hand.  The things I most needed in that moment, I already had.  I’m looking at my life with renewed hope simply because I have found the inner grace -and gumption- to make the choices I need to make to feel really good in my life as it is right now, today.   

Still Exploring

Don’t get me wrong, I have only just woken up to this understanding myself.  I know I’m still starting out and that I have different choices to make as they come up.  For the time being, I am at the point where our lovely woman might just as well take a dip in that gurgling river and wash off the decade of emotional and mental mud, sweat, and guck she piled onto herself.  Or maybe she’ll just pluck a handful of blackberries and sit down to a picnic. 

Either way, pleasure is the order of the day!

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