Sleep, Water, and Vitamin C

Hello Lovelies! 

I don’t know if I mentioned it, but I’m on a mission to makeover my life this year.  You already know about my upcoming book, “The Moose, the Murder, and the Single Malt.”  I can’t wait to share it with you, and I really hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.  But shameless plug aside, I am also rewriting the whole way I live my life.  It has taken me a while to dig down to this, but I have come to understand that the way I’m living my life has been out of alignment with the things that actually tickle my heart.  To that end, I have been making changes. 

Lasting change begins behind closed doors, it’s an inside out process.  You begin at the core, and in time the outer world sees a new you emerging.  During the process, you learn how to take care of yourself, how to nurture this new you.  It’s really quite a magical journey if you’re willing to surrender to it and let it flow. 

Let me tell you a bit about what I’ve discovered as I set out:

Movement Dates 

PiYo Morning

I’ve found a workout routine that keeps me challenged, inspired, and engaged (thank you, PiYo!)  I’m only five weeks in, but I can tell you I’m already 95% less likely to tip over while I put on my underwear in the  morning!  Joking aside, I’m also six pounds down, and feeling stronger and more flexible every day.  

The thing is, writing is a fairly sedentary activity.  So is my current admin job, which means that I have to plan to get active.  Once I wrapped my mind around the fact that I wasn’t going to get much fitter just walking around the office a few times a day, I set out to find a program that worked for me.  It took some experimenting because I do like to keep things fresh, but luck and my sister blessed me with PiYo and I quickly became hooked.  I haven’t the patience for overly complicated and intricate routines, nor anything that lasts for over an hour -hey, I’m busy, I’ve got s@%& to do.  PiYo fits into my daily round, and that makes it easier to keep my commitment, simple as that.  Now I have daily movement dates with myself, and I’m feeling pretty great.  These are one of my non-negotiables, a foundation upon which I can add layers like walking the dogs (assuming winter ever goes away), swimming, dancing, or whatever feels good.  

Trinity of Self-Care  

I have three more non-negotiable essentials that I’ve built into the life I’m creating: Getting enough sleep, enough water, and enough vitamin C. 

I was surprised to learn that I was drinking only  about half of the water my body needed to maintain hydration.  The simple equation is bodyweight in pounds divided by two equals the number in ounces of water the body requires, ie: 140lbs / 2 = 70lbs.  Which translates to 70 oz of water per day.  We’re not converting pounds to ounces here, just carrying over the number.  Also, if you live in a dry or hot climate, or you’re partial to regular sweat sessions, that number can change. 

As for sleep, well, who doesn’t love a good night’s rest?  I like to get at least seven hours per night.  I’ve also made my bedroom into my haven, and my bed just a little more luxe with quality sheets and cozy blankets.  I also have a few teas on hand to relax my body and calm my mind if I’m having trouble winding down for the day. 

Vitamin C is pretty easy to assimilate, but it’s still important to make sure you’re getting enough.  Sometimes nutrition slips away on me, so I set myself this pillar to keep returning to, in order to keep my body healthy.  

Laughter, Cuddles, and Triple-Fisting  

I know it’s not always easy to make lifestyle changes.  I’ve learned that I have to be gentle with myself, and patient, too.  Some days look a lot like this:

Cuddly dogs, computing and coffee, or triple-fisting a healthy smoothie, my water and my tea.  Not super active, but it’s life, and it gets busy.  The important thing is to keep a positive outlook and good perspective, laugh a lot, and soak up as many cuddles as possible.  Between this and my non-negotiables, I know I’m on the right track.  As I ease into becoming a full time writer, or however this new life I’m creating takes shape, I know I’m already setting myself up for a successful and happy life.  I can’t imagine a greater gift that I could possibly give myself.


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