Find the Moments

Hello Lovelies!  

Prayers for Humboldt 

My heart goes out to the community of Humboldt, and to everyone affected by this horrific tragedy.  

Stronger Together 

I am always deeply moved to see the way Canadians will support each other.  Whether it’s driving towards a massive fire in order to help the citizens trying to flee by providing water, fuel, and food.  Or an outpouring of support for a grieving community.  Or even just commiserating over the long, dark, bitterly cold winters; we are a strong nation, we get through it together. 

I am proud to carry Canada with me, to be from this beautiful and awe inspiring country, and to share a little bit of Canadian chutzpah wherever I may find myself in the years to come.  We are always at our best when we stand together.  

Celebrate Today

 Listen, we’ve just had a terrible reminder that life is precious.  So go out into the world today and find the good moments.  Take some time and appreciate the beauty in the world right now.  Maybe it’s sipping a perfectly crafted latte, close your eyes and savour it.  It might be playing with your kids -human or furry.  What about just taking in the beauty of the morning?  Snowy April 1

I had to snap a couple of photos this morning.  The hare tracks crisscrossing the yard, covered with a light dusting of newly fallen snow.  Early morning sunlight illuminating the Christmas lights strung between the trees as if Mother Nature herself needed a little more colour on this chilly Sunday.  It’s magic, and all you have to do is look for it. 

Don’t put off living well now because you’re busy being busy. 

Love what you love without apology, and let’s create lives filled with magic, joy, and laughter.  We owe it to our hearts and souls, and to the world we live in, to make the most of what we have.

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