The Art of Doing Less

Hello Lovelies! 

It’s a busy day chez moi, so this is going to be short and sweet.  

Outlander Tarts  

Today I’m baking some gorgeous strawberry jam tarts from the recipe book inspired by Diana Gabaldon’s ‘Outlander’ series.

Outlander Tarts_LI

That’s them on the cover, don’t they look delectable!  Personally, I would whip these babies up anytime -in fact, if you keep a jar of jam and a  batch of the short crust on hand, you could easily produce these tarts in a hurry for unexpected guests!-  but today they’re for a tea party I’m helping to host. 

FYI:  There is also a recipe for “parritch” in that book which has become my go-to when I want a nice, hot, breakfast cereal.  

Busy, Busy, Busy  

I’m noticing an alarming trend in our western culture.  It seems to support the idea that if we’re not constantly on the go, we’re not accomplishing enough.  While I could dive into this idea at length,  it’s far more important to flip it around and use it to ensure that what we’re doing is meaningful and pleasurable for us.  Take this tea party for instance:  My neighbour asked me to help her plan and co-host this do, in an effort to promote community ties in our area.  Now, usually I try to keep my Sunday’s free for luxuriant naps and getting ready for the week ahead.  I chose to make an exception because this project matters more to me.  Besides, tea parties are right in my wheelhouse so I was delighted to help. 

You see, maybe it’s not so much about being busy, as it is about what we’re busy doing. 

We need to curate our daily round.  There will always be things that just have to be done.  There are also long lists of things that you could do.  However if they don’t gladden your heart and enrich your day, be choosy about what you’re adding in.  Think back to when you spent a day mostly doing things you love.  I bet by the end of that day you were tired, but elated because you had spent a day engaged in something you really enjoy.  It’s a very different feeling from spending the day rushing from stop to stop, simply getting things done, isn’t it?  Choose with care. 

I’m off to bake some tarts!

2 thoughts on “The Art of Doing Less

  1. livechicandwell says:

    So true! I always put myself under pressure by writing overlong to-to lists each day and feel I’m always rushing around trying to do too much. When I slow down and carve out a little time just for myself I feel much better. This afternoon, I sat outside and just read quietly in the garden while my kids napped. It felt wonderful.


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