Take Me to the Mountains

Hello Lovelies! 

Spring has finally sprung in Alberta -I’m trying not to make any sudden moves so as not to startle it.  

Road Trip  

Almost as soon as the weather started to improve, I started dreaming of hitting the road.  I love a good, long drive to somewhere beautiful.  Don’t you?  Being from central Alberta, the Canadian Rockies are only four hours away.  I will do that in a day trip, and it will restore my soul.  I mean, just look at these views:

 Figure Out What Salves Your Spirit  

I can do some of my best thinking behind the wheel.  Moreover, Jasper just feels good.  The air is crisp, the scenery is breathtaking, and I need to take a break and just relax.  A road trip is one of those things that just feels good to me.  Even a country drive has remarkable restorative properties for me. 

It’s important to do things like that for ourselves.  Whether your happy place is on a meditation cushion, or up to your neck in hot, bubbly suds, or even if you’re like me and head on out to the mountains to unwind, it’s important to take the time.  Wiser people than me have said that you can’t pour from an empty cup.  It’s true, and unless we figure out what refills each and every one of our own unique vessels, we will burn ourselves out. 

So, I’m off for a road trip.  I encourage you to spend some time this weekend refilling your cup, too.

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