Pardon Our Mess


Hello Lovelies! 

I’ve got some housekeeping announcements to share today. 


Firstly, I’m busily building a proper website to bring several different facets of my work under one umbrella.  This blog will be tied in to the new site, of course, and there’ll be oodles of other goodies appearing over the coming weeks.  You may notice that the website address will change, the new name will be as this is my pen name.  Plus, it’s way easier to spell!  


I’m still noodling on the different pages I’ll include on the new site, but here’s what I’ve got planned so far: 

~H&H -my blog, of course! 

~Recipes -because I’m crafting recipes for my books, and because I love to play around in the kitchen 

~Shout Outs -No author is an island, and this page will have my acknowledgements on it, complete with any relevant explanations and links as to who has inspired me and how to find out more about these amazing people for yourself 

~About Dotti – a brief hello from me 

~Photo Gallery/IG link -because I’m not just an author, I also do styling and design, and I really love beautiful living

~Shop – this one is currently just a notion, but it would be a place where I could offer signed copies of my books, or possibly personally inscribed bookplates, along with other favourite things. 

I’m as eager as you are to see it all coming together, so I promise to work hard for you and get the new site up and running very, very soon.  

In the Mean Time

Just keep on coming back here.  I’ll keep you up to date, I promise.  


Don’t Forget:  

The Moose, the Murder, and the Single Malt will soon be available for your reading pleasure.


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