Do You Love It?

Hello Lovelies! 

I’ve been musing today about how to live a heart-centred life.  What does that look like in the world?  Of course, the mind immediately grabs for any image of someone smiling and laughing while they fling paint on a canvas or dance in the rain with abandon.  Well… that’s a start.



Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash


Never Underestimate the Value 

Merrymaking is wildly important.  Being caught up in the moment is wildly important.  In fact, bringing more presence and awareness to where you are in the here and now is one of the biggest shifts you can make on your journey to improving your life.  Make it a habit.  Breathe in, look up from your phone, notice… breathe out again, of course!  If you want better value out of your day, this simple practice is essential.  Next time your favourite song comes on, get up and dance.  Pssst: no one is watching, they’re all too busy with their phones!  


Life needs to be loved.  Your life needs to be loved.  If you’re not making time to do things that replenish your smile and refresh your spirit, you’re missing out.  And so are we, because everyone you encounter in your daily round deserves the best you.  You’re robbing us of your smile, your light, your laugh.  Figure out what you need to do for you, more importantly, get it done.  Every day, no excuses. 

The thing is, adding love to your life is really simple.  You know that book you want to read?  *ahem*  If you need a suggestion, how about my forthcoming book?  Anyway, set aside fifteen minutes, tell everyone to leave you alone for that time, and just read.  Do you love to paint?  Again, make a date with yourself every day to paint -even if it’s by numbers!  Dance class?  Take it!  Cupcake?  Enjoy it!  Cuddling with your loves?  Do it! 

The really good stuff is never as complicated as we tend to think.  The things that really add value to our lives are usually right in front of us.  It’s just about choosing to see it.



It never takes all that much time to sprinkle a little love into the day, but the benefits of being present, of falling in love with life, will blow your mind.  

Love Your Space 

Okay, so maybe you look around and you can see that the floor needs sweeping, the dog is pestering you for food, there’s a pile of laundry that just won’t quit, and it’s pouring with rain outside. 

Well, so what?  It’s just signs of life.  So brew yourself a cup of your favourite coffee, blast that favourite song of yours, and dance with the broom. 

Maybe you have a list of things you don’t love about your home.  Throw it out, this instant.  Instead, make a list of what you do love about your home. 

~How about that roof that’s keeping the rain out of your coffee? 

~What about that floor that looks so clean and bright since you swept it? 

~Those walls keep your loves safe and warm, and the roof where it belongs, bonus! 

~Climbing the stairs is keeping your butt trim 

~Your favourite clothes are in the laundry because you love to wear them 

~That faithful dog of yours would happily feed you and care for you if your roles were reversed 

I’m going to let you in on a little secret:  love is a magic wand.  It’s something we all have the power to use, too.  It doesn’t take any training or mystical black belt in order to use it.  All you have to do is love.  Do things you love.  Look for ways to frame your life with love.  Make it a game you play with yourself every day. 

Like Mary Poppins says

“In every job that must be done there is an element of fun.  You find the fun and snap!  The job’s a game.”


PS:  ‘The Moose, the Murder, and the Single Malt’ will be hitting bookshelves very soon.  So you know, you can make a date with yourself to read that book.



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