Let’s Have a Grand Affair

Hello Lovelies! 

I feel like it’s time to do this whole living thing a lot better.  Less snore and more roar. 


Here’s the thing:  Squeeze the fun into every possible moment.  Find a way to enjoy as much of your time as possible.  Get a little wild, if nothing else, you’ll have a good story to tell.  

A Grand Affair 

I’ve been watching “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries” again these last few days.  If ever there was a character I would like to emulate, it has to be the fabulous Phryne.  Her energy, her fashion, her smarts and joie de vivre, I’m all for it.  I think it’s valuable to find role models, even in fiction, who help us to define our values and how we desire to live. 

In the past, I’ve gotten too focused on the small stuff.  I think it’s because the small stuff is usually easier to control than the bigger happenings that can change everything.  Ah, there’s another point, change.  I can be a chicken when it comes to change. 

But that’s not very Phryne. 

It’s definitely time for a change.  There’s that c-word again.  But hey, there’s enough seriousness in the world, and I really would rather have fun.  I would rather live my life as though I were having a grand affair with it.  Add in some more spice and sashay.  Sprinkle mischief and cheek throughout.  That sounds like a great life.

The Grand Experiment 

I propose to take life less seriously, most especially myself.  I propose to say “Yes!” to more adventures.  I propose to dress for my own pleasure, enjoy more of the wonders of this beautiful world, and yes, to live with a little -or a lot- more chutzpah infused into my days. 

And I invite you to join me.



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