I’m all Choked Up

Hello Lovelies! 

Don’t worry, they’re happy tears.  I’ve been thinking back over my story.  It’s time for us to get to know each other a little better.

Me and Tiger

That’s me, back when.  You can tell I was really into the whole having my photo taken with a tiger thing.  To be honest. I was probably wondering if our cats at home were going to get to be as big as this fellow (and he was just a cub!)  Beautiful though, I mean, WOW. 

One of the first words I could write was “Hoop”.  And Pooh -as in Pooh Bear.  One of the first words my mother taught me to spell was E-L-O-P-E.  Still waiting to use that one. 

My father was a professional clown -seriously- and I grew up working the Shrine Circus whenever it came to town.  Naturally, I could never threaten to run away and join the circus!


Uh-Oh the Clown


My love of mysteries comes from my Mom and Grandma.  I honestly don’t remember my grandmother ever reading me a faerie story, but I heard plenty of Trixie Belden, The Famous Five, The Secret Seven, and Nancy Drew.  In fact, one of my earliest (and very happy) memories is of watching “Murder, She Wrote” with my Mom and Grandma.  In those days it aired every Sunday, around four PM.  I watched enough of that show that Jessica Fletcher began to feel like my Aunt Jess!


That’s them.


Over the years I’ve ridden elephants more often than I’ve been on a horse.  I’ve ridden a camel, too.   I’ve learned that you cut a wide berth around the lion cage -he sprays.  I’ve visited the village where my Dad was born: Glenarm, Northern Ireland.  I’ve seen Platform 9 3/4.  I’ve watched the Eiffel Tower sparkle, sipped champs on the Seine, sampled whisky at Bushmills, worked a number of different jobs, loved and lost a number of different dreams.  And ogled my fair share of men in kilts (what can I say, Scottish men do it for me!)  Through it all I have grown into a woman that I really rather like.

So that’s a bit about what brought me to here.  I’m grateful for everything that I’ve gotten to do and see.  I’m even grateful for the rough times because I learned more about what I’m made of.  Most of all, I’m grateful for the next adventures still to come, because it’s going to be one heluva wild ride!



Hi, I’m Dotti!







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