The Delights of the Deep Clean

Hello Lovelies! 

It’s been a busy week for me.  I spent last week getting the house ready for my book launch brunch.  Very little writing happened (still more than I had planned, so that’s a win!) but the house feels really good now. 

Here’s the thing: Cleaning isn’t always a priority for me.  I tend to want the house to stay tidy, but devoting a whole week to cleaning it up has taught me something. 

For one, routines are awesome!  I choose life, and to be honest the chores never go away.  So I’m willing to overlook a little dust in favour of reading a good book, enjoying an amazing meal, or even working on my projects.    

That said, with two dogs, two cats, and three or sometimes four people all under one roof, the floors get messy really fast!  Personally, I would rather vacuum and mop once a week for just a few minutes than spend a whole day crisis cleaning. 

The other thing I discovered was that Mary Poppins is right, if you find the fun the job becomes a game!  Mostly I listen to music and dance a little.  So far I haven’t actually gotten the shoes to walk themselves back to the closet, nor the clothes to fold themselves up and settle down in the drawer.  Bummer, huh?  Still, when you put the right frame on it, the simple act of cleaning up can be a pleasurable experience.  Let me say that again, cleaning house is pleasurable.  The key is the way you think about doing the work.  Attitude is everything, and it’s up to you to pick a good one.

I found that even though I started cleaning mostly because of this party, it ended up being a gift for myself.  That’s not to say that myself wouldn’t also appreciate a good cleaning service at some point in the future, but …  Anyway, when we do something that benefits ourselves, it also replenishes us.  When something makes you feel good, especially unexpectedly, enjoy it! 

My tip is this, break it up instead of trying to cram it all into one day.  I figured out which rooms most needed attention and then I worked through them one at a time, one per day.  By Wednesday my back was crying uncle, but a soak in the tub and a good night’s sleep sorted me out in no time.  Had I been trying to fit the whole house into just the one day, I would probably have been visiting with my chiropractor by Wednesday.  Bitesize chunks made it work, plus I could spend most of my afternoons doing other stuff -like writing the next Flying Moose Mystery!

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