Getting Ready For Fall

Autumn is my favourite season.  I’m built for cozy.  Soft sweaters, comfy layers, and riding boots -I LOVE it!


Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash 

Not to mention snuggling.  Starry nights and frosty mornings are made for snuggling. 

I am starting a movement: 

Let’s slow the F down and be happy, right here, right now!

I don’t know about you, but I am done with constantly being on the run.  I’m over it.  I have had enough.  And I think the gentle return to sanity that seems to roll in with Jack Frost, it’s a perfect time to initiate a new resolution and embrace slowness. 

Linger in bed on a Sunday morning.  Eat slowly.  Kiss long and slow and deep. 

There are too many reasons out there that we “should” hustle, and most of them aren’t actually that good.  Here’s the thing: You get one shot at this, and the key is to enjoy it now. 

Would it be the end of the world to say “No.” to things that don’t feel good?  Would your kids be failures if they learned to pick and choose extra curriculars that light them up, AND how to value their down time?  I highly doubt it.  Would you be a failure if you don’t sit on every board, committee, club, and organization that invites you in?  NOPE!  

The real lesson we need to be learning now is how to make the most of what we are, to be our happiest, most gorgeous, successful, honest selves, as we are today!  If you want to do great things in your community, start by doing great things for yourself.  Teach yourself to be selective.  Choose the things that feel truly and wholly fabulous to you, then do them as often as possible. 

I believe this is so important that I’m putting together a class on this topic.

So, class will be in session very, very, soon.





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