Slow Down for Fall

It’s funny, but somehow September signals more relaxation than July.  There’s just something about sunny days and no school (even though I graduated years ago) that seems to be a sign for big plans and lots of activity.  Probably because of years of training, the arrival of fall seems to cue my brain to crave a chance to calm down and prepare for more structure again.  Am I alone in this? 

Plus, it’s really hard to argue with the simple delights of frosty mornings, steaming brew, and shuffling through a colourful carpet of fallen leaves.


Inquire Within

During this final week of August, I urge you to check-in with yourself.  Are you craving a little less bustle?  Are you yearning for a little more peace?  Is there some secret wish in your heart that you want to realize?  


Stop Waiting

There is no better time than now to start shifting your lifestyle.  There is no better time than now to add more pleasure and subtract some madness from your daily round.  Stop wasting time waiting for “the right time.”



Start Loving 

Listen, it’s time to infuse your life with sparkle.  To do that, infuse your life with love.  Now, I’m not talking about reciting loving mantras at yourself in the bathroom mirror every morning – though if that feels good, do it!  I’m talking about doing things that you love every day.  If you’re going to add any commitments to your life this fall, then make them commitments to your pleasure.  If you love to read, then commit to retiring to bed half an hour earlier in the evenings and enjoy your book.  If you love a good bubble bath, make a date with yourself to soak in the tub at least once a week – a friend of mine indulges daily.  If you crave that first cup of steaming coffee in the morning, then insist on being left alone to sip and savour it before launching into the daily to do’s (even if you have to get up a tad earlier to make the time).  If you want to get back into exercising, then find a plan that you enjoy.  If your desire is to cook more real food and stop eating out so much, find a few recipes and schedule time to try them out.  You get the idea. 

At the end of the day, all that really matters is how you feel.  Take control and decide that you deserve to live in a way that lights you up.  Because, my dear, YOU DO!


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