What are you most excited to harvest this fall?  

Have you been making changes?  Working on a project that’s just about ready to come to fruition?  Maybe you’ve tended a garden through the summer, and now you’re eagerly preparing to dig?


Philosophical questions aside, I’m looking forward to our first feed of homegrown spuds.  I dug these babies up only this morning, and they’re gorgeous!  These ones are still tender and quite new – a little touch of cold will toughen their skins – but we couldn’t wait any longer!  Besides, there’s still three more rows to dig…  We’re using the smaller ones today, boiling them in their tender jackets and then gently smashing them.  Served alongside a lovely roast and one of my sister’s veggie loaves.  A perfect early fall feast!

Homegrown Pleasure 

You will never taste anything better than what you grow and harvest yourself.  Have you tried it?  Did you know that given a good sized pot and enough sunlight, you can grow almost anything as if it’s a patio plant? 

If you’re not into the dirt manicure, then find your nearest farmer’s market.  Get to know about what grows locally to you.  Find out about what’s in season and when.  If nothing else, you’ll probably discover some super tasty baking and homemade jams.  Explore what’s available beyond the grocery store, you’ll be glad you did.  Plus, you’ll be supporting your neighbours.  Economic benefits all ’round.  

Simple Potato Cakes (just ask an Irish lass)

Boil up some peeled spuds until tender, then mash them.  Dryer potatoes, like a russet, work better, simply because it requires less flour to make the dough.  Let cool a little bit. 

Add in a couple knobs of butter, one egg, and a little pepper.  mix thoroughly. 

Add flour, about a quarter cup at a time (how much depends on how many potatoes and how wet the mix is) mixing well.  You’ll know you have enough flour in there once the dough begins to pull away from the sides of the pot and form a soft ball. 

With floured hands, pull off a chunk of dough and flatten it into a round anywhere from 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch thick and approximately 3 inches across. 

Fry in an oiled pan over medium-high heat until browned on the outside. 

Serve warm with a little butter.  Yummers!


PS:  My book is available here, and it’ll make a great Christmas gift for the mystery lovers in your life!

I love you. Always.

From the back:

Homeless, fired… And dead? Georgiana Grey is ready for a fresh start. Returning home after a disastrous trip with her ex-fiancé, Georgiana discovers her house is in flames. To make matters worse, someone is using her identity, and the impostor has just been found murdered. With nothing but the clothes in her suitcase, and her two beloved dogs by her side, Georgiana must unravel a tangle of deceit before the killer corrects their mistake.


Here’s what the first readers are saying:

“What a fantastic read! The characters are all so charming. The author did an amazing job of bringing this town to life. I find myself longing to visit or stay a while… in the cottage! I am looking forward to the next book!”


I truely enjoyed reading it. Was different how it was written with mostly dialogue, and it was great! Definitely looking forward to the next one!!! Good luck!”

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