If Not Now, When?


You know, I’m not the one people would usually point to and say, “She’s all over it, she grabs life by the beans.” 

Maybe it’s because I’ve gradually been dabbling with being braver -and survived!- or maybe it’s because I’ve seen a lot of good people pass away too soon, or it could be because I read (like, a lot) but I have arrived at a place in my life where my philosophy is changing to more and more, “F%^* it, let’s do this!”  I’m sure that’s what got me through publishing my first book.  Just like it took me to Paris.  Just like it got me to jump on stage to be hypnotized.  Just like it got me to perform in a Burlesque show. 

You see, I’ve learned something:  Take the chance!  It might go great, it might not, but that doesn’t matter.  In life, you’re either winning, or you’re learning.  It’s really up to you which of those outcomes does you the most good.  But neither will do you any harm, apart from the bruised ego.  That’s another thing I’ve learned, those feelings of ego boo-boo, they’re just feelings!  I’m learning to live with them, and I can tell you, it’s never as bad as I’ve told myself it will be. 

So, if you take all of that in, really take it onboard and let it soak into your consciousness, will you go ahead and be bold?  Will you try it?  Please? 

My alter ego is currently developing a great little tool to help you unlock whatever dreams you’re carrying around with you, tucked away safe and sound for someday.  It’s going to help you, I know it!  Plus, there’s more goodness to help you hygge up your brain in the works, too! 

Keep an eye out, because the reveal is coming soon.  In the mean time, I’m plugging my first book -again!

I love you. Always.

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