Upgrading my Rou-Tea-ne

I’ve been gently clearing out, getting ready for my next adventure.  Not going to say too much about that just yet, but I’m excited. 

One of the unexpected benefits of clearing out is that I’ve been presented with the opportunity to begin to refine my selections.  It’s kind of obvious, but it turns out that when you’re not being overwhelmed by too many options, you can invest in something really good quality and enjoy it!  Quality over quantity, eh? 

So, last week my box of tea bags (Yorkshire Gold is a favourite, by the way) was dwindling and I realized that I could upgrade my rou-tea-ne!  You may not know this, but most commercially prepared teabags contain tea dust.  You can still get a really good brew out of them, but this is basically what’s left after the leaves have been dried and packed for sale as loose-leaf tea.  Now, for a quick bung-it-in-a-mug-and-fire-up-the-kettle brew, teabags can’t be beat.  But part of tea-brewing is actually the ritual, and it’s worth treating yourself.  In fact, the world of tea is vast and fascinating, so if you enjoy a relaxing cuppa, you are part of a worldwide club with a long and supremely satisfying history.  After all, tea ranks something like second in the world in popularity as a drink.


So, why not upgrade from your regular orange pekoe to a TGFOP?  Tips (or Tippy) Gold, Flowering Orange Pekoe.  Why not save your mug for coffee and use a pot, cup, and saucer for your tea, at least once in a while?  Why not slow your tea roll down and savour the ritual, the aroma, the flavour, and the peace that a pretty cup of colourful brew can offer?  Why not invite a friend for tea?  Brew a pot of something lovely, sit down with your friend and have a proper chat!  Take a proper tea break today, brew up a pot, curl up with your cup, and just pause for a little while. 

I promise, you’ll fall in love with this sweet, soothing ritual.  Then you’ll be upgrading your rou-tea-ne, too!

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