Shout Outs


The romantic notion of being a writer usually looks something like a light burning late into the night, the sound of fingers hammering on a keyboard punctuating the nocturnal stillness, two fingers of whisky in a cut crystal glass nearby.  The writer leaning over his work, peering at the last few lines.  Are they well crafted?  Do they convey the pictures dancing in his head?  Lean back and sip some whisky, top up the glass, carry on.  

Well, maybe that’s how some writers do it… 

In my case, I prefer to work during the day, spend evenings and weekends with family and friends, and I actively hunt down new experiences and adventures.  To my mind, every act of bravery and drop of adventure only adds to the well of colour and flavour I can use when I write.  People inspire me, and since I actually couldn’t deal with all of humanity traipsing through my living room, the only alternative is to go out and encounter them.  Besides, the world is beautiful and full of delight when you open up to it.  I like to go out and play. 

Anyway, I digress… 

I’ve been fortunate enough to meet and be inspired by several fantastic people. 

Wayne Lee gave me a good laugh and the gift of unwavering faith in myself. 

Sierra Bender taught me to trust my instincts and act on my desires. 

Kimberly Wilson inspired me to rethink how I live my life, plus, she took me to Paris.  (She’s also the reason I discovered hygge!) 

Tonya Leigh has taught me how I want to live my life, and every day she inspires me to be aware of how I’m thinking. 

Fiona Ferris really brought it all together for me, guiding me through the process of bringing my first book into being. 

Find out more about these wonderful folks by clicking through to their own websites. 

Another key player to check out: NaNoWriMo

The book would still be a blank page if not for them.

Of course, my family has kept me fed, sane, and more or less relaxed while I worked through the challenges of getting that first book written, formatted *ugh*, and ready to publish.  Thank you.  I’m looking forward to writing some more, but I promise I’ll be keeping myself on an even keel from now on. 

Brad Johnson did the cover illustration, which I love. 

Which brings me to the friends I’ve made along the way.  My Violets and Roses -you know who you are- let’s do Paris again, soon.  My fellow writers, I’m so grateful for your support.  My friends, you’re part of what keeps me sane, thank you! 

And to my lovely readers, thank you.  I have a blast writing these books, and I really hope that you have fun reading them, too.